Casa Della Zisa

Casa Della Zisa began as a home concert series produced by Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa featuring performers and artists from across the creative spectrum. This series of unique home performances provides audiences with up-close, intimate experiences with artists and masters of their craft.

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And now, Dr. Zisa is proud to introduce the expanded Casa Della Zisa Collegium Musica – Home of Music and Education, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance the appreciation of music and education through public music performance, public lectures and community discussions on an array of subjects related to music, the arts, history, and education. Monthly public music performances are held at Casa Della Zisa featuring local and visiting artists. Additionally, the Collegium Musica exists to support, cultivate and promote music education and performance for children and young people, ages 8-18, through awarded scholarships and activities.

In addition to the concert series, Collegium Musica also plans to support and promote music and educational programs that reach out to the larger community, partnering with other like-minded non-profits to help children and young people develop their music skills and exercise their creativity.