Season of Lights Holiday Benefit

A unifying celebration of peace and goodwill presented by Peter Joseph Zisa and Friends.

Join us at this annual community event, December 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

First Congregational Church
1126 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR  97205
Free Admission (Donations to Charity)

A Celebration of Community and Peace

Season of Lights, an annual benefit concert since 2007, returns for its ninth year with an exciting program of music that celebrates the many cultural and faith traditions of our community.  Excellent performers from many musical traditions will join together to present music from the Americas, Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.  Also a charity benefit concert, this year’s charity is Alzheimer’s Association.

 “A beautiful, fluid style of playing and a captivating musician.  Seasons of Light made my holiday celebration!” – D.L.

Seasons of Light was the most inspiring holiday concert I have attended in many years – and also, the most fun!” – M.S

Peter Joseph Zisa is an acclaimed master of the six and eight string classical guitar. Among the many friends joining him this December are:

Intergenerational Women’s Choir and Sing Here Now, two community choirs directed by Crystal Atkins. Sing Here Now is composed of women living with Alzheimers.

Marilyn Keller, 2016 recipient in Portland’s prestigious Jazz Society Hall of Fame and Portland’s most versatile Jazz vocalist, also leads a Jazz worship service at Augustana Lutheran Church along with Portland’s best jazz musicians.

Ilene Safyan, recognized by Entertainment Weekly and the American Library Association, is West Coast’s most celebrated Jewish musical artists. Ilene weaves the multicultural musical strands of the Jewish experience into a rich, harmonic tapestry of sound.  She is also cantorial soloist at Neveh Shalom and Havurah Shalom.

XXDigitusDuo (“Twenty Fingers Dancing” Duo), named in Artslandia as one of Portland’s favorite arts, is a “dynamic, impressive, and intrepid” piano duo. Recipient of 2016 RAC

Tatiana Kolchanova is one of the most gifted and distinguished performers in Portland and Washington. A graduate from Moscow Conservatory, first violinist for the Glinka State (Russia) Quartet for ten years, toured extensively performing with Zubin Mehta and Jessie Norman. Today she is one of Portland’s most sought after musicians. She is also the founder, director and teacher of the Music & Arts Academy and Conductor of the Camus Community Orchestra.

Brian Haskins, music director and cantor at the Grotto, and soloist with the Portland Symphonic Choir.

Thousand Waves, an “electric and exciting blend of musical styles from different continents”- ( Art Beat, 2011), is a world-music ensemble founded by Peter Zisa a decade ago which blends the sounds of the Japanese Koto with the guitar, flute, violin, and percussion.  With its program theme “West Meets East,” it has featured Yukiko Yamaguchi on koto and LeeAnn McKenna on flute.

Season of Lights is a gift to the community from Peter Joseph Zisa and Friends. It is also an opportunity to support charitable organizations that benefit our community.  This year’s charity is the Alzheimer’s Association. Generous donations to this worthwhile organization will be greatly appreciated.

About Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa

“Peter Zisa is one of the very few I have heard that goes beyond the notes to higher levels of musical understanding and expression.  His playing is delightful and moving” (David Grimes, President Emeritus of Guitar Foundation of America).

“Peter Zisa delicately melodic line and texture into an exciting musical experience.  (Louis Sahagun, L.A. Times)

Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa, described as “poet of the guitar”, is an award-winning performer on the six-string and eight-string Classical Guitar who has studied with the legends of classical Guitar, including Maestro Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero, Jose Tomas, and Jose Rey Della Torre.  A professor of Music at Pacific University, Peter is a strong advocate of music therapy, particularly those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Peter Zisa lost his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease September 2016. He witnessed first hand how music enriched her life particularly in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. His mother’s two sisters were also afflicted with the disease.

Peter is dedicated to promoting music education and providing performance opportunities for children and promising young musicians. He is also the founder of both Casa Della Zisa, a community music center featuring outstanding local and visiting performing artists.