Zisa Academy

Zisa Academy is the newest initiative to spring from the energetic and limitlessly creative mind of Dr. Peter Joseph Zisa, and is dedicated to the exploration of the intersection of music, arts and education. Through Zisa Academy, Dr. Zisa will share his own insights and scholarship on such topics as education, culture and music, and also showcase the work on these topics by other professionals in their fields.

Musicians, music therapists, poets, artists, community and cultural educators and more are just a sampling of the deep and rich well of knowledge that will be available through Zisa Academy.

In addition to these resources being available to everyone online at peterzisa.com, Dr. Zisa will also bring the Zisa Academy experience to audiences, including small, intimate performances in homes featuring Dr. Zisa and any number of artists and professionals.

Watch this space for more exciting information and resources to come as Zisa Academy grows and flourishes.